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Ventilation and air conditioning systems for Motel One in Stuttgart

The new Motel One in Stuttgart is an eight-story hotel with three underground floors. ENGIE Deutschland is constructing the  ventilation systems for 414 hotel rooms, including administrative, commercial  and technical rooms and the connection to the ready-to-use bathrooms.

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Our services

  • Ventilation of the hotel rooms via a central ventilation system (20,000 m³/h)
  • Cooling in the rooms is effected via Fancoils as a split system via the ventilation air and mixed room air
  • Separate ventilation system for all other hotel areas.
  • Mechanical ventilation of the underground car park,  which can also be used for smoke extraction (approx. 60,000 m³/h)

Due to the city center location, delivery must be  strictly timed and closely coordinated with all  project participants.

Kerstin Mundle
Sales Manager
Hessbrühlstr. 51
70565 Stuttgart

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