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Sustainable technology for energy-efficient dry rooms

ENGIE's TBES dry room is the gold standard for energy efficiency in battery manufacturing and research. With our dry room, you significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of the batteries produced and make an important contribution to sustainability.

For battery production, it is indispensable to have an atmosphere with very low humidity. A stable atmosphere during the manufacturing process is the basic requirement for the consistent quality of battery components. The dehumidification process is one of the biggest cost drivers in battery manufacturing. It is energy-intensive and places high demands on environmental conditions.

Our innovative technology stands out from conventional solutions and offers numerous advantages thanks to energy-efficient, multi-stage fresh air drying:

Your advantages with us as a partner

  • Use of residual heat
    The use of residual heat in successive drying stages significantly reduces energy requirements

  • Minimize energy consumption
    The use of a CO2 heat pump for cold and hot water production minimizes energy consumption more

  • Reduce cold water and electricity needs
    This results in an overall lower cold water and electricity demand compared to conventional processes

  • Optimal energy efficiency
    Continuous monitoring and adjustment of process parameters ensures optimum drying results and energy efficiency

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With the TBES dry room, we offer you a technical solution that demonstrably makes your battery production more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. Due to the very low leakage rate in the chamber, optimal drying results are achieved and contamination of the battery components is prevented. The multi-stage drying system features high efficiency as well as low operating costs resulting from reduced energy consumption. Further cost savings result from the lower media requirements of our dry room's plant technology. Finally, the energy savings enable a rapid payback on your investment and help your company achieve its environmental goals.

Innovative solutions

Rely on the TBES dry room and benefit from our innovative solutions for sustainable and future-oriented battery production. We look forward to taking an important step towards a greener automotive industry together with you.

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