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Control energy and asset marketing

Utilize the full potential of existing plants and take into account all marketing possibilities: That is our promise when it comes to control energy and asset marketing. As a partner, ENGIE Deutschland supports industrial companies, municipal utilities and data centers in intelligently controlling consumption and production – and thus achieving additional revenues on the control energy market.

Your advantages through a partnership with ENGIE Deutschland

  • Lucrative additional revenues
    through intelligent marketing strategies

  • Years of experience
    even with highly complex system configurations

  • Technical expertise
    for low-wear use of systems

  • Holistic approach
    as a result of combining our central expertise for marketing
    and local expertise for market requirements

You want to know whether you have free flexibilities in the consumption or generation of energy – and what are they worth?

We would be happy to advise you on terms and concepts.

Smart energy control with ENGIE Deutschland

Reduce energy and grid costs, tap new revenue sources: At ENGIE Deutschland, we know the opportunities on the market – and make maximum use of them for our customers. As a long-standing power plant operator, we have extensive experience with marketing strategies in the wholesale market. We prequalify all types of control energy for our customers with the grid operator. With our virtual power plant, we can combine a wide variety of generation and consumption systems and control them according to the intended use. It also makes it possible to handle direct marketing tasks and "Redispatch 2.0" requirements.

Our team is looking for the most lucrative application option for your combined heat and power units and emergency power generators. As a maintenance company and system installer, we also use the systems in your interests with as little wear as possible. Based on their many years of experience, our experts take into account all technical and operational constraints – even in the case of highly complex system configurations.

Our services for you at a glance:

We market your free generation capacity:

  • Dayahead
  • Intraday
  • Control energy market
  • Direct marketing


We optimize all plant types:

  • Large power plants
  • Combined heat and power stations
  • Emergency power generators
  • Storage
  • Electric boiler and other consumers
  • Wind
  • Solar

Your contact

Daniel Scheu
Originator Flexibility & Storage

Contact person for power plants, batteries and flexible loads
Melody Boyer
Originator Renewables
Contact person for wind and solar

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