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With 40 years of experience in the printing industry and cutting-edge expertise in plant and building technology, ENGIE Deutschland has developed specialized systems for efficient heat dissipation from printing presses. i.Cool®-solutions create the right working climate for the people, the material and the production processes in print shops – and are at the same time maximally energy efficient.

Your advantages with our i.Cool®-solutions

  • Made in Germany
    thanks to our own production in Freiburg

  • Worldwide plug-and-play solution
    easy installation guaranteed

  • Highest energy efficiency 
    through free cooling

  • Fail-safe reliability
    by two independent refrigeration units 

Would you like to know more about the i.Cool®-systems by ENGIE Deutschland?

Accurate and reliable: our i.Cool®-technology

Whether packaging sheets or digital printing: Consistently optimal conditions for people, materials and machines must be produced both using the medium of water and the medium of air.

Our water coolers ensure the inner "well-being" of your printing press with high-precision measuring systems, frequency-controlled refrigerators and common-rail water distribution. The ventilation and air-conditioning systems specially developed for conditioning pressrooms and sound enclosures guarantee constant conditions in the immediate vicinity of the press thanks to special air routing - at all times of the year, day and night. Two independent refrigeration units ensure the availability of the heat dissipation system and thus minimize downtime and operating costs.

Ideal solution for your print shop

i.Cool® is the cooling solution for optimal printing processes. Because reliable heat dissipation increases productivity. A consistently high print quality is maintained and the use of primary energy is reduced.

At the ENGIE plant in Freiburg, all components of the i.Cool®-systems are manufactured, calibrated, tested and optimized for you. Commissioning under production conditions is carried out by our highly qualified engineers. The i.Cool heat dissipation solutions are precisely matched to your printing machine. We document construction services with detailed plans.

Convince yourself of our many years of experience and in-house expertise!

Our range of products for your printing machines

The i.Cool® AquaCenter combines economy and ecology to form a superior concept. The closed cooling tower used enables up to 70 percent energy savings compared to conventional systems. This noticeably reduces your production costs. Two independent refrigeration units also ensure failsafe operation. This so-called twin-chill concept has been consistently developed since its introduction – and guarantees you a unique and powerful product.

On request, we also offer the i.Cool® solutions on a turnkey basis. The i.Cool® AquaCenter can be combined with the i.Cool® TempCenter or the i.Cool® AirCenter.

Twin chill concept

  • Hermetic dual-circuit chiller
  • Redundancy through two independent refrigeration units
  • increased operational reliability
  • low refrigerant content
  • Connecting pipes between the individual components only carry water

Cold water storage facility

  • longer service life of all components through reduced switching frequency of the refrigerator
  • cooling machine operation with constant and optimal efficiency

Maximum efficiency

  • extremely low operating costs
  • compact dimensions
  • clean cooling tower with reduced water consumption due to conductivity-controlled blowdown
  • long life cycle

AXI.COS® control at a high technical level

  • precise control and control
  • telemonitoring
  • remote service
  • control station connection (optional)

Optimal operational safety 

  • international service organizations
  • remote diagnostics

The i.Cool® AquaCenter S eliminates the heat from printing presses via the medium of water in regions with particularly hot climates – such as southern Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Even if the conditions for manufacturing your products are extreme, you do not need to change your ideas about cost-effectiveness and quality.

The perfect cooling water management in the i.Cool® AquaCenter S ensures exact compliance with the cooling water temperatures, water quantities and pressures required by the printing process. In this way, we enable the reproducibility of the printed product and significantly reduce production costs.

Highly specialized heat elimination

The i.Cool® AquaCenter S is optimally designed for the demanding requirements in the hot regions of this world. It operates in a closed circuit completely free of corrosion and contamination.

The i.Cool® AquaCenter S can be combined with the i.Cool® AirCenter.

Create consistently optimal printing conditions and increase your production with maximum reliability.

The i.Cool® CompactCenter supports your printing press with its own refrigeration supply. With its proven technology, the system ensures precise and reliable compliance with the parameters demanded by the machine manufacturer – and thus quality and efficiency in your operation.

Regardless of whether you have your own chiller or cool with well water, whether you use absorption cooling or work with a central cooling supply: The i. Cool® CompactCenter enables you to keep the conditions on your printing machine constant in every case.

The i.Cool® CompactCenter can be combined with the i.Cool® AirCenter.

Ensure consistently high print quality and reduced wear on your machine parts.

Efficiency through optimization 

  • Optimal parameter control through cooling capacity adapted to the press
  • precise temperature control
  • less waste


  • Optimal product quality and reproducibility even with large print runs
  • reduced wear of moving parts due to constant temperature conditions and a closed, contamination-free cooling circuit

Integrated into the building network and yet independent

  • hydraulic separation from the on-site cold water system by plate heat exchanger
  • independent of pressure fluctuations and possibly contaminated water

AXI.COS® control at a high technical level

  • precise regulation and control
  • telemonitoring
  • remote service
  • control station connection

The i.Cool® AirCenter addresses the Achilles' heel of modern printing presses: Due to tight production spaces and sound encapsulation, the uncontrolled radiated heat often leads to malfunctions. The ink-water balance changes, the print quality fluctuates, and in extreme cases even the press electronics fail. The i.Cool® AirCenter offers a professional remedy.

During the development of the i.Cool® AirCenter, we placed special emphasis on the flexibility of the modules. Even under difficult spatial conditions and with complex machine configurations, the source air columns can be optimally adapted to your operation – for this we have adapted them to the standard grids of commercially available sound insulation walls.

By utilizing the natural thermal current, you achieve an energy cost saving of up to 50 percent compared to conventional systems. You also use the waste heat from the machine to heat cold outside air and can have each individual source air column automatically switched on or off. These innovations lead to significant savings in your operation. On request, you can obtain turnkey system concepts from a single source.

The i.Cool® AirCenter can be combined with the i.Cool® AquaCenter, the i.Cool® AquaCenter S or the i.Cool® CompactCenter.

Use the natural thermal current to work economically and efficiently.

Economical and environmentally friendly

  • Increase the productivity of your printing machine
  • Reduce printing costs for each run
  • Problem-free compliance with legal requirements 
  • Energy recovery by utilizing the waste heat from the printing machine for heating cold outside air
  • Selective operation of the individual source air columns according to demand (Selective AirSupply - SAS)
  • Reduced IPA consumption thanks to stable ink/water balance and draught-free air supply, especially in the printing unit area

Constant optimal operating condition

  • Optimal ventilation and exhaust even with complex machine configurations or difficult spatial conditions
  • No thermal influence on the areas outside the sound enclosure by means of microprocessor-controlled pressure equalization in the sound enclosure
  • draught-free air supply
  • specially developed for the ventilation requirements of the printing process
  • uniform conditions in the printing unit area
  • Reduction of isopropyl alcohol use
  • Space-efficient and variable
  • compact, self-sufficient source air columns
  • retrofit
  • can be expanded and converted on a modular basis
  • fits into the standard grid of commercially available sound insulation walls

Short assembly time

  • simple installation of the source air columns
  • short connecting channels
  • Installation by local companies possible

AXI.COS® control at a high technical level

  • precise regulation and control
  • telemonitoring
  • remote service
  • Control station connection 

The i.Cool® LeanAirCenter has a clear objective: to maintain constant optimal room air conditions in the pressroom and in postpress. It offers the perfect answer to all climatic requirements of the printing process. The highest level of energy efficiency through heat recovery, easy installation, smallest dimensions and weights as well as minimal noise levels were our objectives in the development of this system. An optional air humidification system is available as an option.

Minimal energy requirement

The i.Cool® LeanAirCenter series uses only internationally known quality and system components with the latest technology to ensure optimal efficiency and maximum reliability. Technical features such as direct-drive radial fans with backward-curved blades and electronically commutated (speed-controlled) motors reduce the energy requirement considerably.

Heat recovery

The optional heat recovery pack makes the excess energy from the printing process usable. This way you can significantly reduce your heating costs and thus protect the environment. With the i.Cool® LeanAirCenter you make your contribution to sustainable and CO2-reduced printing.

Compact and efficient

The compact cabinet design eliminates the need for central climate control units that take up a lot of space The air introduction through the multi-function supply air duct ensures the draft-free introduction of conditioned air. All essential components are accessible from the front of the unit to reduce the space required for installation and maintenance. This enables fast and reliable maintenance.

The microprocessor control is based on the ENGIE-own AXI.COS control. It monitors and regulates all functions of the i.Cool® LeanAirCenter series. This control unit allows up to eight devices to be connected to a local network. The automatic standby function and the base load distribution, which compensates for the operating time between the units, are only two of many options. A graphic display is available as the operator interface for the control unit. This control is compatible with the common communication protocols.

Take advantage of the flexibility of the modular design while at the same time low energy consumption.

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