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Power generation and distribution services

Our claim: We make more out of your energy. This promise involves energy-generating and energy-intensive industries. Whether energy producers, municipal utilities, waste or biomass incineration plants, paper, metal, glass or chemical industries, our integrated solutions position your energy generation and distribution for the future. And in doing so, they meet the highest demands in terms of economy and ecology.

Your advantages with us as a partner

  • Integrated solutions 
    around mechanics, electrical and I&C engineering  

  • Great wealth of experience 
    from more than 20 years of industry expertise in the field of steam and district heating supply and electrical supply for the plant engineering of various industries

  • Broad understanding of technology 
    for primary energy sources ranging from conventional fuels to waste, biomass, hydropower and hydrogen.

  • Future-proof 
    With a focus on energy efficiency and climate neutrality

  • Everything from one source 
    thanks to the comprehensive competencies in the ENGIE Group 

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Ready for the future: Our power generation and distribution systems make more of your energy

Many things are in a state of upheaval. We are on the threshold of a new energy world. And we at ENGIE Deutschland know: This change is a tour de force. Especially for companies and industries that have a very high energy demand or have their own energy centers (power plants) - be it municipal utilities, the steel, aluminum and metal industries, or sectors such as glass, paper and chemicals. And yet it is inevitable, because we are already in the midst of this transformation process. Requirements such as the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria and the EU taxonomy further increase the pressure for companies to align themselves more efficiently and sustainably.

The good news is that the potential for optimization is particularly high in energy-intensive industries. And at ENGIE Deutschland, we know exactly how to seize these opportunities together with you. For more than 20 years, we have been planning, building and operating power generation and distribution plants at well-known companies throughout Germany. Our experts cover the entire range of mechanical, electrical and I&C engineering. Integrated solutions for complex tasks in existing plants are our specialty. Whether new construction, retrofit, modernization or expansion in existing plants as well as maintenance and repair services: Hardly any other company on the market offers this integrated competence. Integrated solutions for complex tasks in existing plants are our specialty. Whether new construction, retrofit, modernization or expansion in existing plants as well as maintenance and repair services: Hardly any other company on the market offers this integrated competence.

Maximum competence and efficiency for your power generation and distribution systems

We make your energy infrastructure fit for the future - whether as a complete package or as a single lot. In doing so, we always focus on achieving the highest possible safety, availability and energy efficiency for every energy generation and distribution system. Our know-how is based on many years of experience, and our solutions are tailor-made and manufacturer-independent. We know how to optimize primary energy use and reduce emissions. And when it comes to the necessary approvals and required certificates, we are up to date for every technology.

Whether biomass, sewage sludge, waste, hydropower, hydrogen or district heating: We implement your future projects - with sound technical and technological expertise, services from a single source and economically attractive offers. This means that your company is not only ready for the energy world of tomorrow - but you are an active part of it with your energy generation and distribution plant.

Solutions for power generation and distribution

Energy projects

  • Transformers
  • Medium and low voltage installations
  • Electrical protection technology and voltage regulation
  • DC voltage technology (inverters, rectifiers, DC voltage distributions and battery systems)
  • Cabling systems
  • Retrofit measures

Service & maintenance including troubleshooting

  • MV and LV switchgear; including switching devices
  • Electrical protection technology and voltage regulation


  • Delivery, conversion, assembly, commissioning and documentation

New build projects and enlargements
From network distribution stations and substations in the high and extra-high voltage range from 110 to 380 kilovolts

Supply and installation of primary equipment
Including steel structures, stranding, piping and equipment installation

Mounting and connection of secondary equipment and ancillary facilities
Medium-voltage cable installations as well as commissioning support for extra-high, high, medium and low-voltage systems, transformers and cabling systems of various makes

ENGIE Deutschland Power Solutions: Erzeugungsanlagen, Verteilanlagen

High current connections, Generator IPB (isolated phase busbar) and periphery

  • Assessment including thermography and inspection
  • Technical advice, maintenance recommendations, costing, budgeting
  • Sighting and sealing of leaks
  • Adjustment and revision work on all types of busbar systems and associated high current connections up to 1.400 megawatts
  • Maintenance, repair and adjustment of and ventilation systems; including accessories and short-circuiting devices.
  • Back/reverse engineering

Power transformers

  • Revision work and diagnostic measurements
  • Transformer exchange

Projects. Extensions, maintenance, service and troubleshooting
With tasks in the field of measurement and EMSR technology; including planning, delivery, installation, commissioning and documentation

Processing of all control system components
From the sensor via the control or automation system to the actuator

  • Inspection work and quality assurance; including safety-related plant parts and components
  • Process analytical measurements
  • Emission measurement technology and evaluation systems
  • Special measurement solutions
  • Measurement and billing systems of non-electrical process variables
  • Design and detail engineering with CAD systems

Maintenance and new construction of

  • Piping (HP, MD, LP)
  • Piping systems

Detail engineering

  • 3D planning
  • Calculation and pipeline statics
  • Isometric and support planning


  • Pipes, fittings, steel construction, brackets, components, armatures
  • Prefabrication including inductive bending

Assembly service

  • Site management, QA, welding supervision, HSE
  • Main trades; including scaffolding, PWHT, zfP
  • Secondary trades; for example insulation, trace heating, pipe bridges

Documentation and manufacturer in the sense of the PED


  • Damage analysis, consulting, welding engineering development
  • Bracket service (various makes)

Execution of maintenance and service orders in:

  • Waste, hazardous waste, biomass incineration
  • Conventional power plants with Gas, oil and coal fired steam generators


  • Detailed engineering incl. possibly necessary optimization
  • Design and recalculation of boiler components
  • Procurement, assembly and overall documentation
  • Project management with coordination of all project interfaces
  • Assembly studies
  • Welding technology, quality assurance, HSSE

Prefabrication & Delivery

  • Pressure component components membrane walls, collectors, superheaters, evaporators, Eco heating surfaces

Assembly services

  • Disassembly and assembly of boiler pressure components
  • Maintenance work on gratings, refuse tasks, burners and ash removal
  • Hand and automatic cladding (nickel-based materials)

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