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New energy for Gera

In a joint project, ENGIE Deutschland and the Gera energy supply have switched the district heating supply for Gera to smaller and decentralized generation units based on CHP modules


The electrical energy generated at the Lusan and Tinz sites is fed into the medium-voltage grid and all thermal energy into the EGG district heating grid. For this purpose, the EGG has also refurbished the district heating system, as well as the connection to the natural gas and medium-voltage grid. The power plants are operated  by ENGIE Deutschland and supply nearly 19,000 households in Gera with electricity and heat.

Customer benefits

CO2 savings of 50,000 tons/year through the new power plants and the new district heating network
Planning, implementation and operation from a single source
Partnership cooperation


After an in-depth examination of various restructuring alternatives, the appropriate areas in  the Lusan and Tinz areas  were prepared for construction. After the planning, including tender and approval procedures, the construction of the two power plants began simultaneously.  Within a few months, civil engineering and civil engineering were completed in early 2018.

The heart of the project, i.e. the installation of the technical systems, was carried out in  several stages. The official inspections took place after completion of the plant assembly and technical building equipment. All tests necessary for the safe and  intended operation of the system were checked, documented and approved  by experts in the final inspection.

Since the end of 2018, the two  power plants have been in operation.

Frank Hütter
Head of Technology, Operations and Service