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Energy procurement and risk management

Successful from experience in diverse segments: We advise you on energy procurement and risk management based on your specific strategy and your individual requirements – whether you want to focus on climate targets, energy costs or long-term planning security.

Your advantages with us as a partner

  • For every risk strategy
    the right power, gas and certification product

  • Long-term market experience 
    on all energy markets

  • Reliable calculation 
    through price hedging via digital procurement platforms

You want to procure energy?

For industry and wholesale customers
Julia Schlafmann: +49 221 46905-553,

For industry up to 50 GWh, trade and public facilities
Thomas Uhl: +49 681 587-4282,

Energy procurement and risk management

You want to achieve your climate targets, reduce your energy costs and increase your long-term planning security? Use professional energy procurement and the experience of the ENGIE Deutschland teams in the wholesale markets!

At the start of professional energy procurement, we jointly define the procurement strategy, which depends on various factors: How is the internal risk mandate structured? What price/volume risk can the company assume? Does the company require price certainty for the delivery month or is a spot component also possible? What instruments can ensure a competitive price level if you want to use attractive market developments at the same time? What is the optimal contract duration for the supply agreement? How can carbon footprint be reduced in the short, medium and long term?

The specific answers to these questions provide the basis for deciding which pricing product is right for you. At the same time, risk management must be considered. What risks remain and what opportunities remain? How do we manage the opportunities and risks of a flexible pricing product? How do we ensure that we can react quickly to market developments? Which digital processes and platforms are available for fast transactions? We are also happy to assist you in answering these questions.

You can rely on the experts at ENGIE because we

  • are reachable quickly, reliable and responsive.
  • share our market assessments.
  • develop together with you a procurement strategy tailored to your risk profile.
  • give you the right market access.
  • make digital price fixing possible without complications.
  • offer you to download your consumption data via our digital, web-based customer platform.
  • advise on the green electricity product that fits your sustainability strategy.

Energy procurement and risk management: customized solutions

Do you want to minimize your costs and risk when purchasing energy? But energy procurement is not your core business and you don't have time to constantly observe the market? You don't have to do that with an automatic tranche purchase. This innovative model is used for purchasing at different times, and the energy price is linked to the current market development of the EEX power exchange. By spreading the purchase over as many points in time as possible, we minimize your risk of overpaying. You can rely on our many years of expertise. We observe the market for you and make the purchase at the appropriate time. Pricing is fully automatic based on statistical analyses of price developments. With the help of price gliding lines, we can see the average price over the past ten days and directly identify new market trends that we use profitably for you. We provide you with personalized support, address your company's guiding principles, discuss your goals and work with you to find the best solution.


Your contact

Thomas Uhl
Tel:  +49  6 81 5 87-42 82E-mail:

Norbert Wenzel
Tel.: +49 365 856-1143, E-Mail:   

As a major customer, you benefit from our experience in supplying German production sites for international companies. The respective supply models are market-oriented and are based on the procurement strategy of our customers.

Our portfolio covers almost the entire range of European industry. Renowned global players rely on ENGIE's procurement and hedging expertise. With our global presence, we are able to support our customers by connecting them with ENGIE's regional contacts in Asia, South America and North America.

Integrating third-party volumes and PPA deliveries is a matter of course for us. Through our innovative green power models, we support our customers in achieving their self-defined CO2 reduction targets. We are also taking new steps in the delivery of green gas and offering our customers appropriate certificates or – if desired – physical biogas.

Your contacts:in

Julia Schlafmann GEM
Tel..: +49 221 469 05-553E-mail:

Martin Emmendörffer, GEM
Tel: +49  30 9158 10 -102E-mail:

For private and commercial customers, our subsidiary Emil Energie has been offering electricity for almost ten years and since 2019 also gas in selected German cities. Although Emil Energie is young in its markets, it is already an old hand when it comes to your secure supply of electricity and gas. This is possible because Emil Energie GmbH is a part of Energie SaarLorLux AG, in which the Saarbrücken municipal utilities and ENGIE Deutschland hold shares. Working together, we are able to successfully create synergies from the proximity and reliability of a municipal utility and the flexibility and competitiveness of an enterprise with international operations.

We are a reliable partner for you with around 200 years of combined experience in the energy market and in-depth knowledge of the entire energy supply chain.

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