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As a competent full-service provider, we plan, build, operate and market solar systems for housing associations, public clients, commercial and industrial customers – and we will also find the best solution for your needs. Our offer for you includes services relating to roof-mounted solar systems, solar tenant electricity and ground-mounted solar systems.

3,1 GW
Installed photovoltaic capacity in the ENGIE Group
2,1 GW
Photovoltaic capacity under construction in the ENGIE Group

Project development of open space solar systems


  • All services from a single source 
    thanks to many years of expertise in the ENGIE Group

  • Minimized risks
    through early entry of our specialists into project development

  • Optimized procurement
    through the expertise of a world market leader with an international purchasing team

Agricultural land, grassland and land adjacent to transport infrastructure are ideal for building photovoltaic systems. The planning and development of ground-mounted solar plants requires comprehensive and wide-ranging expertise - both in securing land and in the entire approval process as well as the selection of plant technology. Our experts at  ENGIE have many years of expertise in all phases of the development of photovoltaic projects and are specialized in the operation of the plants and the marketing of the energy generated.

Leave your project to our professionals:

  • As a strong partner with competencies across the entire value chain, we support your solar project over the entire life cycle – from construction through operation to marketing the electricity generated.
  • We get involved in project development at an early stage and can achieve optimized conditions and minimize risks in financing and procurement.
  • You benefit for your project from the know-how and the network of a world market leader in renewable energies. With an international purchasing team based in China, among other places, we have the best access to the solar value chain locally to achieve the best possible conditions and minimize procurement risks.
  • Our trading experts take care of the marketing of electricity outside the EEG via direct marketing or via Green Power Purchase Agreements  with terms of ten to 15 years.

Ground-mounted solar plants: steps in project development

We acquire suitable areas for your photovoltaic system and assess the technical, planning, economic and legal suitability. We then handle the drafting of contracts to secure the land and lease the land for long-term use of your photovoltaic project.

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Do you have pastureland, cropland or forest land of at least 10 acres yourself or jointly with your land neighbors and want to know if it's suitable for wind or PV installation?

We enter projects at every stage of development. By getting involved at an early stage, we can potentially achieve optimized terms and minimize risks in financing and procurement. We rely on long-term partnerships and accompany the projects throughout the entire life cycle.

In addition to project cooperation, we also purchase project rights.

In cooperation with experienced external experts, our team of experts develops a comprehensive concept for your ground-mounted solar plant and check your project for all aspects relating to approval law. These include nature and species conservation as well as economic considerations such as grid connection and solar radiation.

All stakeholders are involved from the outset: We seek dialog with the responsible municipality at an early stage to ensure the greatest possible transparency. We support them on the basis of detailed planning in the preparation and implementation of a development plan and subsequently prepare the necessary expert opinions for the approval procedure. Once approval has been granted, we control and monitor the construction phase.

Ecological enhancement of solar parks and improvement of biodiversity

In our solar projects, it is important to us that biodiversity is also considered from the beginning.  Therefore, at the beginning of each project, we commission an expert to conduct an ecological mapping of the project area. With the help of the information obtained, we develop and implement site-specific measures for nature and species conservation.

On agricultural land, ground-mounted solar systems can bring significant improvements in biodiversity. To exploit this potential, we apply the criteria for nature-compatible ground-mounted photovoltaic systems from NABU and BSW.

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Nikolaus Kraus
Director Business Development

Roof-top solar systems and outdoor photovoltaics – ideal for companies

  • Green electricity
     is generated on site and relieves the grid

  • Complete consumption of the electricity generated
    Smaller remaining quantities are fed into the grid for a fee

  • You show your commitment
    towards employees and customers

Whether buildings, parking spaces or open spaces – large areas are suitable for the installation of high-performance photovoltaic systems. Self-generated solar energy ensures a decentralized and self-sufficient supply of cheap, sustainable electricity. Modern battery storage systems make solar energy usable for you even when production fluctuates.

Did you know that photovoltaic energy can be perfectly combined with carports? These simply offer more free space for solar modules and at the same time create a shady parking space. And if your next company car is an electric car, it's easy to combine the carport with a charging station. In this way, you simultaneously create the basis for sustainable mobility. Best of all, solar carports are a real eye-catcher and showcase your commitment to the environment to your employees, customers and the public.

In addition to the purchase of photovoltaic systems, contracting offers you an attractive alternative for getting started with solar energy. In a contracting partnership with ENGIE Deutschland, you benefit from climate-neutral and cost-effective power generation without having to invest yourself. As your contractor, we handle all tasks – from the planning and financing of the plant, to the construction and operation up to professional maintenance – and supply you with the required energy at plannable costs.

Your advantages of rooftop solar systems at a glance

  • You become less dependent on fluctuating electricity prices.
  • Photovoltaics is a building block on the way to your climate-neutral property.
  • With a photovoltaic system, you clearly show your employees and customers that you are committed to the climate.

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Solar tenant electricity

The building sector is increasingly becoming the focus of climate policy: It accounts for about 30 percent of the CO2 emissions in Germany. Solar tenant electricity is a fitting response to the challenge of housing companies to reconcile climate protection measures with affordable rents. With solar tenant electricity, you make your contribution to achieving a climate-neutral building stock without burdening your tenants with additional costs: the electricity prices of solar tenant electricity are at least ten percent cheaper than the local basic supplier.

The start-up Solarimo, founded within the ENGIE Group focuses on this combination of climate protection and affordable ancillary costs. Our specialists design and install photovoltaic systems, handle their electricity sales, their operation and maintenance. Housing companies, cooperatives and project developers can choose from three implementation models – from the purchase of the plant to a contracting model.

Benefits of tenant electricity at a glance

  • Tenant electricity pays off – for you and for your tenants. The electricity price is consistently at least ten percent below the basic supplier's tariff.
  • Photovoltaics is a building block on the way to the climate neutrality of real estate. Using a contracting model, you can even increase the value of your property without having to invest yourself.
  • With the project, you are making an important contribution to sustainability and showing this to the outside world.

Contact us and become a pioneer with solar tenant electricity.

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