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Wind power

Wind energy is one of the pillars of the energy transition. We support you in the development, planning, construction, operation and marketing of your wind power project. With ENGIE Deutschland as your partner, you benefit from our many years of experience and the know-how of the world market leader in renewable energies.

  • All services from a single source
    thanks to many years of expertise in the ENGIE Group

  • Long-term partnerships
    from the acquisition of land, the planning, approval, construction and operation of your plant to the marketing of the electricity generated

  • Minimized risks
    through early involvement of our specialists in project development

  • Customized solutions
    because we know the local needs and offer flexible models of civic participation

Our onshore wind farms in Germany

Wind power is just our thing. We operate 16 of our own and two onshore wind farms in Germany for third parties with a total installed capacity of around 300 MW. We use the technical expertise and experience of the ENGIE Group, which oversees more than 3,000 plants of different manufacturers and types worldwide.
There are repowering projects running in multiple locations. A
n insight into repowering at ENGIE.

Wind turbine project development

The planning and development of wind turbines is a complex, multi-year process that requires comprehensive and diverse expertise. As a reliable partner, we offer you all services for your wind power project from a single source – from the acquisition of land, the planning, approval, construction and operation of your plant to the marketing of the wind energy generated. At ENGIE Deutschland, we get involved in project development at an early stage. In this way, we can achieve optimized conditions for you during development and procurement and minimize risks. We know the local needs and offer flexibly adaptable models of citizen participation.

Steps of wind farm development

We acquire suitable areas for wind energy plants and assess their technical, planning, economic and legal suitability. We then handle the drafting of contracts to secure the land and lease the land for long-term use of the wind farm.

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Do you have pasture, field or forest areas with at least one hectare and would you like to know whether they are suitable for the construction of wind or PV systems?

We enter projects at every stage of development. By getting involved at an early stage, we can potentially achieve optimized terms and minimize risks in financing and procurement. We rely on long-term partnerships and accompany the projects throughout the entire life cycle.

In addition to project cooperation, we also purchase project rights.


We develop a comprehensive concept for the wind farm. Whether it is a forest area or an open space - our specialists and external experts check the project for all aspects relating to approval law. These include nature protection and emmission control and economic aspects such as wind yield and cost structure.

Based on the detailed planning and the expert opinions, we support the approval procedure according to the Federal Emmissions Control Act. To ensure that all local stakeholders are involved from the outset, we seek dialog with the responsible municipality at an early stage - for the greatest possible transparency. In order to increase the acceptance of the local residents, we plan our projects carefully and conscientiously. With landscape image analyses and studies on flora and fauna, we ensure that the interventions in the landscape and in the natural balance are as small as possible.

We procure the wind turbines, control and monitor all construction phases on site and carry out the commissioning together with the plant manufacturers. Occupational safety is of the highest priority. We handle the implementation of compensation and replacement measures in consultation with the local partners.

After commissioning, we handle the technical and commercial management of the wind farm. We also take care of the best possible marketing of the electricity produced. In addition to support from the EEG through direct marketing or long-term supply contracts (Power Purchase Agreements).

Are you looking for a partner for the development of a wind power project?

Your contacts

Nikolaus Kraus
Director Business Development

Post-EEG: We can show you the options for your wind farm

Since 2021, the initial wind turbines no longer receive feed-in tariffs. However, most wind turbines could continue to be used for the generation of climate-friendly electricity. As an operator of wind turbines, you have to consider whether there are sufficient economic incentives for you to continue operating. In this context, not only the ongoing operating and maintenance costs must be taken into account, but also possible required investments. The free marketing of the energy produced requires very good knowledge of the market and a strong willingness to take risks with regard to:

  • market price and volume risk
  • balancing energy risk
  • the risk of failure of the installation
  • dealing with negative prices

We would be happy to advise you and offer you an optimal solution tailored exactly to your needs.

Would you like to continue operating your own wind farm and generate calculable revenues? Then a Power Purchase Agreement, i.e. a long-term supply agreement with ENGIE, is the right option.

You do not want to bear the risk, complexity and investments for the continued operation and the associated operator liability, but now want to realize your profit from the plants? We will buy your wind farm and continue to operate it.

Whether market access, long-term supply contracts for the continued operation or (partial) sale of plants.

Your contacts

Tobias Heyen
Senior Originator
Nils Peters
Senior Manager Akquise Post EEG

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