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Climate neutral with Real Zero

Climate neutral in five steps: We support your company with our Real Zero Master Plan.

It's time for real climate neutrality – for Real Zero.

Zero carbon is complex. And yet five steps suffice.

The path to real, physical climate neutrality is possible if you go with a partner. Because real climate neutrality needs real competence. With a real-zero strategy that goes beyond simple efficiency measures and compensation, you can reliably achieve your business goal. In fact, so reliable that ENGIE guarantees the success of the measures.


"A credible climate neutrality strategy that holds up in front of an increasingly critical public and the growing demands of investors cannot be achieved through financial compensation alone. Anyone who wants to make a lasting impression across the board and is really serious about climate protection must take a path that is more costly but much more sustainable: the path to Real Zero, to a real, physical reduction in one's own CO2 emissions."

Stefan Schwan, Head of Business Unit Energy &Facility Solutions


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On the way to climate neutrality: How companies grow with "Real Zero".

We guide you with Real Zero on the way to climate neutrality

By 2045, Germany wants to be climate neutral. What sounds like the distant future means that companies already have to focus their investments in plants, buildings and infrastructure on this goal. It is not only large infrastructure projects that are planned with a time horizon of more than 25 years. Investments in industry, commerce, real estate and many other sectors must also pay off over 20 years. With regard to the objective of climate neutrality, the question arises as to which investment is future-proof in order to continue to operate economically and sustainably in the coming years.

There is currently no patent solution. We all need to think in terms of transitional solutions until alternative forms of energy such as green hydrogen are available in sufficient quantities and under economically acceptable conditions. We need to find intelligent solutions that enable us to maintain our standard of living while at the same time switching to climate-friendly technologies and processes. The 900 experts in the eight research centers of the ENGIE Group are working on this goal – and we work on projects with our customers.

A master plan for the climate-neutral future

You can see: The transition to climate neutrality must be carefully planned and will be gradual in most businesses and local authorities. At ENGIE Germany, we have developed the Real Zero Master Plan for this purpose, which will gradually reduce CO2 emissions to Net Zero in five steps. In the first step, we always recommend improving the energy efficiency of buildings, plants and processes.

With the Real Zero Master Plan, companies can reduce their CO2 emissions to Net Zero in five steps.

Use of funding opportunities

With our expertise, we are ready as a partner to make environmentally and economically promising decisions for tomorrow based on today's technical possibilities. This means that we take into account appropriate funding opportunities for green investments by the city, country, state and European Union, advise you on suitable programs and, if desired, take over the complete processing of the grant applications and the documentation.

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