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Clean room technology

Complete protection in clean rooms: We offer coherent concepts for all your clean room projects. Our experience with demanding industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, medical and optical enables us to achieve the best function, high quality and great reliability for you.

Your benefits at a glance

   All services for your clean room
   by an experienced general contractor

    of your requirements and wishes

    Scheduled implementation
    cost-effective and on time

    Energy-efficient solutions
    increase efficiency

    High system availability
    as a result of competent maintenance

Absolute purity for demanding production processes.

Clean room technology by ENGIE Deutschland

No matter whether you need classic clean room facilities, clean rooms, hygiene zones or GMP-compliant clean room concepts for your application: We at ENGIE Deutschland develop and implement customized clean rooms as a general contractor and handle all your needs for qualification and validation as well as operation and maintenance. And since we are an expert in energy efficiency, we always focus on cost-effectiveness  and sustainability.

You benefit from the experience of our experienced engineers, who have been designing, building and operating clean rooms for 30 years – for demanding industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, the active ingredient industry, chemistry, medical technology, food industry, microelectronics and micromechanics, optics and laser technology as well as the plastics and automotive industry.

You have special requirements for the protection of persons, products and the environment in the clean room project. We supply well thought-out concepts for the different hygiene zones, detailed design planning and optimally coordinated components. Before starting the project, we analyze your processes with a risk analysis of the principle FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), taking into account the optimal personnel and material flow.

Take advantage of our experience in demanding industries.

Clean room technology: Clean performance for many sensitive tasks

Hygiene zones in accordance with the GMP standard

As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, you are subject to a special duty of care in avoiding contamination of your products by particles or microorganisms. Depending on the pharmacological and toxicological properties of the substances to be processed, you must establish different hygiene zones according to the EU GMP guideline.

GMP-compliant components

We guarantee GMP-compliant design in accordance with the hygienic design for all demanding areas in the pharmaceutical production in accordance with purity classes D to A.

Comprehensive and high-quality services

Our qualified and experienced technicians work with modern and calibrated measuring equipment. After the evaluation, you will receive GMP-compliant documentation in the scope of DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ.

High product quality from the clean room

For you as a manufacturer of medical technology products, efficient and adaptable manufacturing processes as well as securing and increasing your product quality are among the most important success factors. In order to prevent contamination of the products and processes – and not least hazards – for end users, manufacturing processes in medical technology are often only possible under clean room conditions. Strict legal provisions apply, which are anchored in DIN EN ISO 14644, DIN EN ISO 13485, the EU GMP guideline, the VDA and many other standards.

Flexibility is in demand

Whereas years ago oversized, centralized clean rooms were often built, the trend today is towards decentralized, flexible and modular clean room systems that can be variably extended. The decisive factor here is that the increasingly complex systems and components are precisely matched to one another. This means that the systems can always be adapted to changing conditions, not only during construction but also later on.

Avoid malfunctions in production

Development in the production of microelectronic components is proceeding at a rapid pace. Particle-free manufacturing environments are indispensable today. Even the smallest particles can lead to malfunctions and have a negative impact on product quality. Micromechanics is also subject to a trend towards miniaturization and high-precision production. To avoid malfunctions, manufacturing under controlled conditions is a success factor in this industry that should not be underestimated.

Clean room or controlled area?

Clean rooms mean investment costs, starting with the planning and continuing in operation. Please keep in mind that in many settings, a controlled area may already be sufficient, and can be accomplished on a smaller budget. A controlled area begins when critical particles are larger than the 5 µm as defined by ISO 14644. VDA 19 or ISO 16232 serves as the basis for controlled area. We would be happy to advise you whether a controlled area is the right solution for your requirements.

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Clean room technology for optical production areas

Particulate-sensitive components are very often used when working on optical benches. Even particles of the smallest size and concentration have a significant impact on the quality and functionality of your products. Improve your product quality and reduce your reject rates – manufacture under clean room conditions. In this way, your products meet the high quality requirements of the laser and optical industry.

Your research and development activities and the transfer to series production benefit from comprehensive contamination protection. At ENGIE Deutschland, we provide environments that protect your process from particulate or microbiological contamination. We design and construct the appropriate clean rooms and support you in the qualification and validation of the production unit.

Our customers include research laboratories where, in addition to straightforward product protection, the protection of persons is particularly important. The clean room technology is part of a controlled handling of hazardous substances based on the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefSubstanceV) of the BAuA.

In addition to research institutes, universities and colleges, development departments of companies with a wide range of applications are among our most important customers.

Hygienic production areas

By using clean room technology, you increase hygiene in the production, processing and packaging of food without thermal treatment and preservatives – this allows you to extend the best before date and reduce production costs.

Today's consumers are better informed than ever about the impact of nutrition on their health. Therefore, the production, processing and packaging of foodstuffs are of particular importance. As a manufacturing company, we at ENGIE Deutschland support you in creating a production environment that guarantees healthy and first-class food.

Clean room conditions for hygiene-sensitive plastics

As a processor of hygiene-sensitive plastics, you must reliably eliminate contamination risks that can ultimately lead to reduced product quality and potentially endanger end users. This is why injection molded parts are now increasingly produced under clean room conditions, especially in medical technology, pharmaceuticals, the automotive and food industries, chip production and electronics. A particle-free production environment plays a central role in the manufacturing process.

Injection molding and clean rooms

We differentiate between two approaches: Either the injection molding machines are connected from the outside to the clean room and equipped with LF modules or they are placed inside the clean room. The solutions differ significantly in terms of investment costs, operating costs and flexibility in the event of changes in the production process.

As is so often the case, there is no one right solution. Therefore, as a matter of principle, we strive to ensure that you, as the clean room user, cooperate very closely and in a spirit of trust with us, the clean room builder, at an early stage in the planning process. In a risk analysis, we jointly assess the different influences on the quality of the products to be manufactured, in order then to develop and implement an efficient and individual solution. We bring to the table many years of experience in the design and construction of clean room environments for the production of injection molded parts.

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