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Fire protection and sprinkler technology

Safe solutions for fire protection and sprinkler technology: We use our proven expertise to create comprehensive fire protection concepts – to protect human lives and property.

Your advantages with us as a partner

    Certification according to DIN 14675
    for fire alarm and voice alarm systems

    VdS approval for sprinkler systems
    approved installation company

    Working according to all common standards 
as VdS, CEA 4001, NFPA, FM Global 

    High savings on insurance costs
    with the right fire protection concept

Are you looking for a specialist for reliable fire protection?

Fire protection with the competence of ENGIE Deutschland

Whether new or existing buildings: We develop a fire protection concept for you that fits the specific requirements of your building and meets the requirements of authorities and insurers. We plan, install, operate, build and monitor your fire protection and sprinkler systems. As a VdS-approved builder and operator of fire protection systems, we are proficient in the technology to the very last detail. We incorporate this expertise into the planning of our fire protection concepts.

We set up according to national and international standards and, if required, also handle the service and maintenance of the plants:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems
  • Sprinkler technology

Fire protection safeguards valuable assets

Your top priority for fire protection is personal safety; at the same time, you want to safeguard your property. Modern gas extinguishing systems and sprinkler technology can limit damage locally. In addition, the environment is protected, as fewer resources are needed for the new procurement of goods or the renovation of a building in the event of damage. Proper fire protection technology therefore results in lower insurance costs.

We would be happy to advise you!

Your contacts

Stefan Frisch
Expert for fire protection & sprinkler technology
Roland Maag
Head of Business Unit Building Technologies

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