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Ethics & compliance

As one of the leading energy companies, ENGIE bears a special social responsibility.

Our code of ethics forms the basis for the daily strategic decisions, the management and the working practices of all employees of ENGIE Germany.

Compliance covers all the procedures and policies we have established to prevent violations and protect and promote our values. This includes the protection of privacy and personal data as an important concern of ENGIE Germany.

Commitment of the management and management team of ENGIE Germany

  • There is zero tolerance for fraud, corruption and antitrust violations at ENGIE Germany.
  • ENGIE Germany is committed to its social responsibility and pursues the highest environmental and ethical standards in the performance of its business activities.
  • Every employee of ENGIE Germany has to actively participate in the implementation of the compliance programme.

Code of Ethics and Ethics Guidelines

The code of ethics of ENGIE applies to all employees of the ENGIE Group and sets the framework for daily business activities with four fundamental ethical principles:

Lawful conduct

The Group’s employees and companies must comply under all circumstances with laws and rules of business ethics in relation to their activities.

Promoting honest behavior and integrity

Honesty and integrity must apply both to business and interpersonal relationships and to everyday professional practices.

Show loyalty

Commitments must be kept. Communication with business partners takes place in good faith and conveys serious information.

Respect for others

ENGIE attaches great importance to tolerance, respect and respect for different cultures.

The Code of Ethics is supplemented by the Ethics Guidelines, which explain application modalities in detail and in a clear manner. Here you will find both documents, which are aimed in particular at our external stakeholders (suppliers, customers, partners, investors, NGOs and others).

Your contact

In contact with ENGIE, have you noticed any information about possible violations of the law or the rules or any behavior that violates the ethical principles of ENGIE? Then you can confidentially contact our ombudsman, Dr. Frank Seebode.

Lawyer Dr. Frank Seebode
Wilhelm-Waldeyer-Straße 14
50937 Cologne