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Green energy

Taking climate protection forward as planned: With green energy solutions, you serve your company and climate protection at the same time – future-proof, long-term, worldwide.

Our services in the field of green energy:

Individual solutions for your requirements

  • Long-term planning security for electricity costs
    as a proportion of the total procurement portfolio

  • You show your commitment
    for climate protection

  • Access to a large portfolio
    on wind and solar systems

  • Green power products and certificates of origin that meet your needs
    at the national and global levels

  • Experienced partner with 
    worldwide PPAs in various industries

Want to implement green energy solutions?

Green energy solutions

The supply of energy now accounts for two to three percent of the operating costs for industrial companies, while at the same time the use of energy is responsible on average for up to 20 to 30 percent of the CO2 footprint. Do you want to start here and advance climate protection in the future? Then we work with you to define your quality criteria and find the product that fits your requirements. From short- and medium-term green power certificates to long-term  PPAs to meet your green power needs. You benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of our expert teams in sourcing green power solutions worldwide. That way, your decarbonization strategy is built on a strong foundation.

Thanks to the wide range of locations throughout Europe and worldwide, we can offer tailor-made solutions. With the "TEO - The Energy Origin" system, we  use a matching system that calculates the amounts of energy exchanged between renewable plants and industrial sites. The system also determines avoided CO2 emissions and tracks certificates of origin (GoOs).

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