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CO2 reduction certificates

Offset the remaining quantity: With certified, high-quality CO2 reduction certificates, you can help your company achieve climate neutrality. The experts of ENGIE Deutschland are there to help you.

Individual solutions for your requirements

  • Highly suitable climate protection projects
    for your company and your mission

  • Regularly checked
    according to international standards

  • Exact analysis
    of the emission sources 

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Climate neutral: CO2 compensation

More and more companies are striving to be climate neutral. At the same time, every company's business activities inevitably generate direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions – through the use of energy and materials in production and administration, through business travel, and through employees' commutes. The general starting point for any zero-carbon strategy is a detailed understanding of where the sources of emissions are.

Four steps are important for this:

  • Greenhouse gas footprint measurement
  • Setting reduction targets
  • Implementation of energy efficiency and electricity procurement measures
  • Offsetting unavoidable emissions that cannot (yet) be physically reduced despite energy efficiency measures and continue to be generated in your business operations.

Your company is climate neutral if you offset these unavoidable emissions with high-quality CO2 reduction certificates. The funds generated from the sale of certificates support projects in emerging and developing countries. The projects operate on-site emission reduction and improve the living conditions of the local population in the project area.

We advise you on the selection of a suitable climate protection project that fits your company exactly. When selecting a project, we take your mission, your operation and your sustainability targets into consideration. All the projects we propose meet internationally recognized standards. They are regularly reviewed by independent third party organizations. Projects and related CO2 credits include the Gold Standard (GS) or the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

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