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Marketing and charging management for Wind to Gas Energy GmbH & Co. KG

Smart use of consumption and marketing potential

Wind to Gas Energy GmbH & Co. KG (W2G) is one of the pioneers of wind energy utilization in Schleswig-Holstein. With the aim of storing renewable energies and transforming them into other usable forms of energy, W2G in Brunsbüttel has, among other things, set up a lithium-ion battery store for the provision of primary control power. ENGIE markets the battery for W2G in control energy, including charge management and backup. ENGIE is also forecasting the network load peak to generate additional revenue in avoided network usage. In combination with ENGIE's hydroelectric power plant, the customer storage facility was able to be pre-qualified with a higher output, thus optimizing the proceeds.

Customer benefits

Reduce electricity purchase costs
Combination with the Pfreimd hydropower plant
Generating additional revenues from the balancing energy market

Our services

  • Provide the necessary IT infrastructure
  • Integration of the extensive expertise of the intraday trading department
  • Operation of own pumped storage power plants and battery storage

Daniel Scheu
Originator Flexibility & Storage

Contact person for power plants, batteries and flexible loads

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