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Refrigeration system for the paper industry

Efficient refrigeration to supply the production machines at HERMA

HERMA GmbH is a German company based in Filderstadt, which produces labels, labeling machines and adhesive material. ENGIE Deutschland was commissioned with the construction of the refrigeration and distribution networks with all components for supplying cold water to the production machines and ventilation systems.

Customer benefits

Lower operating costs through Quantum refrigeration machines by approx. 50,000 euros/year
Efficient: 4 refrigeration machines with refrigerant R 1234ze instead of 5 refrigeration machines with R134a

Our services

The refrigeration system comprises:

  • Four water-cooled QUANTUM refrigeration machines from ENGIE Refrigeration,  type:  QUANTUM GO70 with 600 kW cooling output each
  • An absorption refrigeration system
  • Five recooling systems with a cooling output of 734 kW each for supplying cooling water to the refrigeration machines machines, the absorption refrigeration system and the plate heat exchanger
  • In the transitional and winter periods, the required cooling capacity can be generated by means of the recooling unit via free cooling

A particular challenge in this project was the interaction of the refrigeration system with the consumers for production and for human cooling, which have to be supplied via different chilled water circuits with different capacities and water temperatures.

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Sales Manager
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