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Planning and construction of a gas engine power plant in Saarbrücken

Together with Energie SaarLorLux, ENGIE Deutschland is driving forward the coal phase-out in Saarbrücken

Energie SaarLorLux is the electricity, gas and district heating supplier in Saarbrücken. The construction of the new gas engine plant Römerbrücke (GAMOR) with a total capacity of 53 MW each electrical and thermal will complement the existing combined heat and power plant. GAMOR will enable the company to phase out coal in Saarbrücken and will supply 65,000 households with electricity and 13,000 households with district heating in the future.

ENGIE Deutschland is planning and building the gas engine power plant as general contractor for Energie SaarLorLux. At the same time, Energie SaarLorLux is constructing a new gas pressure control system in order to adapt the increased gas demand to the changed generation situation of the power plant. 

Customer benefits

Support in the approval process
Planning, construction and commissioning of the gas engine power plant from a single source
60,000t CO2 savings through the possible coal phase-out in 2022

Our services

ENGIE Deutschland supported Energie SaarLorLux in the approval management process and was responsible for all planning, construction and commissioning of the gas engine power plant itself.

The planning and scope of supply of ENGIE Deutschland included:

  • the structural engineering including foundation works 
  • the supply and installation of the gas engine gensets
  • the technical ancillary systems such as exhaust gas technology, compressed air and lubricating oil supply, the heating water system and the gas supply system
  • the electrical installation, including the emergency power system and the block transformer for feeding into the 110 KV grid
    the automation system
  • the facade including PV system consisting of approx. 1000 PV modules and 400 further decorative facade components


Facts and figures

  • GAMOR is a gas engine power plant with 5 engines of the make INNIO Jenbacher GmbH with an electrical output of 10.6 MW including the necessary ancillary facilities. 
  • With a high-quality exposed concrete facade and a photovoltaic system in front (approx. 160 KW peak), GAMOR is also architecturally very attractive.
  • The building was constructed from approx. 650 precast concrete elements and is founded on 700 drilled piles.
  • A gas engine genset consists of a 20-cylinder internal combustion engine with a displacement of about 500 liters and a generator (voltage 10KV). The power of a gas engine genset is 10.6 MW = 14,400 hp. 
  • The dimensions of a gas engine genset are L/W/H = 20.0m/4.0m/5.0m. The weight of each is 180 tons. The "exhaust" has a diameter of 1.4m. The sound power level during operation of the aggregate is approx. 130 db(A). 
  • Each gas engine is followed by an exhaust gas purification system (catalytic converter). At full load operation, approx. 120 liters of urea solution (Urea) per hour are consumed in the gas engine power plant.  


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Mathias Jessen
Head of Business Unit Building Technologies