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Climate-friendly heat supply in Bruchsal

Evangelical Center for the Elderly and St. Paulusheim (Gymnasium and Pallottiner) in the local heating network

Under the sign of the following 4 principles, various aspects were combined in Bruchsal with a newly installed local heating network:

  • Ecological: Pellets as renewable raw material (400 kW) and use of cogeneration (2 CHP modules). In addition, an energy monitoring system makes savings potential visible.
  • Economic: The 20-year contracting agreement enables attractive energy purchase prices to be offered to the customer.
  • Ecumenical: The merger of the Diakonieverein Bruchsal e.V., the school foundation of the Archdiocese of Freiburg and the Pallottiner into a joint energy supply contracting arrangement.
  • Local: Cooperation with local companies,  pellet delivery from neighboring town


The new local heating network achieves CO2 savings of 67 % or more than 850 tons of CO2/year.

Customer benefits

Sustainable and ecological supply concept through local heating networks
Investment costs are refinanced by an energy supply contracting agreement over the 20-year contract period
Technical modernization of heating systems, supply of heat including support & maintenance from a single source

Our services

ENGIE modified the system technology while the system was in operation: Three  heating centers werebeen equipped with new heat generators and connected to one another via a local heating line, some of which is buried in the ground. The existing heating distributors in the control centers have been refurbished with high efficiency pumps and modern control technology. A new central building management system can ensure the heat supply in a total of  five building sections even if a heat generator should experience a malfunction.

ENGIE oversees the plants over the contract period of 20 years and refinances the investment costs for the new plant technology through the energy savings. Fuels  such as gas, pellets or CHP power are purchased by the customer at an attractive price through ENGIE.

Daniel Münch
Head of Sales Energy Solutions
Stuttgart branch