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Sustainable solutions for Lindner Hotel AG

Reducing CO2 emissions by 24 % through modernization of building services

For the tradition-conscious Lindner Hotels & Resorts, it is clear that companies are no longer judged solely on their financial success, but also on their ecological and social actions. That is why Lindner has itself audited every year by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics. In addition to complying with legal operator responsibilities, Lindner Hotels AG and all integrated Lindner Hotels & Resorts locations are committed to minimizing environmental impact and optimizing environmental protection. 

In modernizing the Hotel City Plaza in Cologne, Lindner relied on ENGIE's expertise as part of an energy supply contracting agreement.

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CO2 and cost savings
Economic parameters contractually guaranteed
Planning, implementation and operation from a single source

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In the summer of 2014, the technical building systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and water heating were completely renewed. Thanks to the newly installed combined heat and power station (CHP), the hotel will generate around 45 % of its electricity in the future.

In addition, ENGIE has replaced the old boilers with modern condensing technology, installed the refrigeration system with a powerful screw compressor, implemented a new ventilation system for the hotel rooms including high efficiency fans and heat recovery, and equipped the renewed supply units with digital control and building management technology.

ENGIE has not only modernized the technical building systems, but also guarantees the Lindner Group various economic parameters – from a minimum operating time of the CHP module, to the efficiency of the refrigeration machine, to an upper limit on the power consumption of the ventilation system.

Through the optimized systems, Lindner achieves annual  cost savings of around 100,000 euros at the site and reduces CO2 emissions by 24 %.

Norbert Speckmann
Head of Business Unit Energy & Facility Solutions