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Installation of ventilation technology high above the clouds

Smoke protection system installed in 21-story residential buildings

Skyline is the highest residential building in Stuttgart with a height of approx. 75 meters. ENGIE Deutschland was commissioned to install the ventilation technology.

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In the apartments, a demand-driven exhaust air system is foreseen. Depending on requirements, this system provides ventilation for moisture protection as well as nominal ventilation under to DIN 1946-6. Central devices are equipped with frequency converters. The air volumes of the individual areas are regulated via constant flow rate controllers. A differential pressure system is installed to ensure the protection objective of keeping smoke out of the secured areas of the escape route.

  • Living room ventilation with two extract air fans, V=7000 m³/h
  • Compact device for the storage rooms in the second floor, V=4350 m³/h
  • System ventilation and extract air, gas, V=8640 / 4100 m³/h
  • Smoke dampers: 52 units
  • Fire dampers: 137 units
  • Shut-off devices: 156 units

Kerstin Mundle
Sales Manager
Hessbrühlstr. 51
70565 Stuttgart

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