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Replacement of recooling systems with water treatment in the Mercedes Benz Museum

Hygienic and economical operation

The Mercedes- Benz Museum in Stuttgart presents breathtaking vehicles and more than 1,500 exhibits on nine levels in a 16,500 m² space. From the world's first patented car to the hydrogen vehicle of this millennium. ENGIE Deutschland was commissioned to replace the recooling systems.


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Hygienic operation
Economical operation

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Delivery and installation of three recooling systems as well as a reverse osmosis system with high pressure pumps for spraying the ventilation air for adiabatic cooling.

The outside air is adiabatically cooled to the wet bulb temperature in a first and second stage using a fine high pressure spray. This system provides the optimum cooling water temperature in a hygienic and economical manner.

The installation room of the recooling systems is located inside the museum building complex: The three recooling systems  were dismantled and reassembled by demolishing the building facade in modular construction. The maximum output of the recooling units was achieved by adapting the duct and pipeline guide, taking into account the local conditions.

Michael Schmitt
Head of Branch in Stuttgart