Combined heat and power cooling systems in the cosmetics industry

Geka GmbH in Bechhofen

GEKA is the market leader for the production of complete packaging systems and cosmetic applicators for colored liquid cosmetics. ENGIE has been supplying GEKA  with electricity, heat, cold and compressed air for many years.

Customer benefits

Highly efficient media supply (power, heat, cold and compressed air)

Our services

At the beginning of the cooperation, ENGIE optimized the production of useful energy and media at the Bechhofen site. Subsequently, a combined heat and power/cooling system was installed, which provides the necessary cooling for climate control and machine cooling by means of a heat absorber. ENGIE has been operating and maintaining these systems since they were commissioned.

With the expansion of production at the Bechhofen site in 2020/2021, the supply structures and the required quantities of useful energy changed. In close cooperation GEKA and ENGIE have developed a concept that takes these requirements into account. For this purpose, ENGIE is building a new compressed air center, integrating additional components and installing a QUANTUM Air refrigeration machine from its subsidiary ENGIE Refrigeration. When designing the new system, ENGIE strives for the highest possible cost efficiency with simultaneous CO2 reduction.

As an energy partner, ENGIE also supports the customer GEKA in all energy-related topics right up to the purchase of external primary energy.

Norbert Speckmann
Head of Business Unit Energy & Facility Solutions