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Fully booked again and with a new record number of visitors - the Wind Energy Days 2023 were a great success. We from ENGIE Germany were happy to contribute. Our experts presented new solutions and provided valuable input at this mega networking event for the wind industry.


Wind Energy Days 2023: Lively interest in wind power, photovoltaics and storage

The Wind Energy Days have been taking place since 1991, although interest in wind power was still restrained back then. The event used to record ticket sales in the lower three-digit range. And today? The results of the 2023 Wind Energy Days are impressive: 3,500 visitors came to the event. This means that the Wind Energy Days 2023 broke all records once again. This year, a thousand more people came than last year. In addition to wind, the focus this time was on many other topics such as photovoltaics, storage and hydrogen.


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At the 2022 Wind Energy Days, the industry proved that the rotors of wind power never stand still. A lot is currently happening. This ranges from repowering projects of subsidised wind farms to new sales and project structures. These include Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and new trading platforms. The expiry of EEG subsidisation also remains a topical issue. Read a retrospective on this in our article "Wind Energy Days 2022: ENGIE as a reliable partner in turbulent times".

Overview: The Wind Energy Days 2023

The 31st Wind Energy Days took place from 8 to 10 November in Potsdam. The trade fair focussed on the aspects of "information, communication and experience". In this regard, companies and other players in the wind industry provided valuable input. A total of 86 forums, numerous specialist presentations and panel discussions focussed on nothing less than the status quo and the future of wind power technology in Germany. Many exhibiting companies presented their solutions in the spacious congress hotel.

Under the motto "Bread and Games", participants were treated to a relaxed setting with culinary offerings and playful experiences that lightened up the complex lecture programme and encouraged networking. The idea for the motto was actually provided by an exhibitor, it was gratefully adapted by the organiser Spreewind and once again confirmed by the great interest in the tickets from many participants. We at ENGIE Deutschland also felt very comfortable at the event and really appreciated the Wind Energy Days as a platform for mutual exchange.


Our expert contributions at the Wind Energy Days 2023

This year's wind trade fair confirmed the positive development in the industry all the more. Wind power, the supreme discipline of renewables, reached a select specialist audience. Technical expertise, economic solutions and innovative ideas in challenging times were in demand. Our energy experts once again had a lot to say about this. So it's no wonder that our panel was so busy. This year, our experts had a wide range of topics up their sleeves. Together with partners, we learnt lessons from the past and shed light on the future of wind power - as well as agri-PV, battery storage and hydrogen. The ENGIE panel "Beyond 2022 - What's next for markets, projects and technologies?" comprised 8 specialist presentations and lasted half a day.

#1 Melody Boyer provided a market overview

Melody Boyer kicked off our panel at the Wind Energy Days 2023. In her presentation "Market overview 2023: After the storm, the new world order?", she shed light on the economic status quo of the energy sector. The Originator Renewables from ENGIE Global Markets discussed the past development of the markets and explained where attention should now be focussed. Melody also gave a market outlook and tips for 2024.

#2 Tobias Heyen spoke about contemporary PPA concepts

This was followed by the presentation "Upstream and downstream PPAs under the new market conditions" by Tobias Heyen. The Head of Renewables Origination BP Germany at ENGIE Energy Management Solutions GmbH first explained the PPA principle and then went on to explain how it can generate economic benefits for companies. The energy expert emphasised: "The requirements for PPA project structures are increasing. Balanced risk profiles are therefore particularly important now.

#3 Dr Adrian Renfer spoke about worthwhile energy supply contracts

Dr Adrian Renfer is Senior Investment Manager at re:cap global investors ag. In his presentation "PPA deals from the perspective of an asset manager for wind and solar parks", he demonstrated how electricity prices have developed on the futures market. In this regard, he emphasised, among other things, the major advantages of price fixing and also discussed how additional income can now be secured through targeted PPA portfolio management.

#4 Lars Quandel explained the advantages of hybrid projects

As managing partner of Dauerkraft Finance GmbH, Lars Quandel has a lot to say about onshore wind power and photovoltaics. He demonstrated his expertise in his presentation "Hybrid projects (onshore wind & PV): Current trend or just hype?". The core of the presentation was the question of what opportunities so-called Hybrid Power Plants (HPP) offer. These are modern hybrid power plants consisting of wind turbines and other energy generation plants. An exciting concept that has a number of advantages, as Lars explained in his presentation.

#5 Megan Folkerts and Lena Bromber drew attention to Agri-PV

Agri-photovoltaics is currently one of the major photovoltaic trends. Megan Folkerts and Lena Bromber spoke about this in their presentation "Is 'Best of Both Worlds' Possible? Implementation of Agri-PV explained using a project". The business development strategist together with the regional explorer from ENGIE Deutschland Erneuerbare GmbH demonstrated the different design principles for agri-PV systems and provided insights into current ENGIE projects. Among other things, our new Agri-PV plant in Italy, which we recently reported on, was presented.

#6 Dr Ula Yasin and Daniel Scheu

The presentation "Battery storage: Is Texas a model for Germany - do American solutions also work on this side of the Atlantic?" focussed on the important topic of energy storage. Dr Ula Yasin, Partnership Management & Strategy at ENGIE Deutschland Renewables GmbH, and Daniel Scheu, Originator Flexiblity & Storage at ENGIE Energy Management Solutions GmbH, took a look at Texas. The two experts provided an overview of US storage solutions and discussed the conditions in the European market.

#7 Bungo Ezawa shed light on the topic of hydrogen

Bungo Ezawa is Project Director Wind Energy Egypt at Tractebel Engineering GmbH. His presentation "Green H2 for Germany - Potentials from international projects" focussed on the potential of green hydrogen. Bungo provided exciting market insights and presented several projects of the ENGIE subsidiary Tractebel.

#8 Sebastian Heinisch presented our wind power model project

We recently reported on our successful repowering project in Karstädt, Brandenburg. Sebastian Heinisch, Senior Major Project Manager and Construction Manager Renewable Energies Wind & PV at ENGIE Deutschland Erneuerbare, gave us another insight into this project. In his presentation "Repowering Karstädt: From the idea to commissioning", he presented the most important key data of the flagship project.

Conclusion on the 2023 Wind Energy Days

The 2023 Wind Energy Days were once again a very successful event for us. The experts from ENGIE Deutschland were once again able to demonstrate the huge potential for innovation in the field of renewable energies. We are already demonstrating ideas for tomorrow with exciting solutions today. There was a lot to discuss at the get-together at the ENGIE stand at the end of the event - in a good mood and with Belgian beer!

By the way: At next year's Wind Energy Days, you will find out what may already be the practice and industry standard tomorrow. We are already looking forward to the event and to talking to you at the trade fair. Until then, the experts from ENGIE Deutschland will be on hand to assist you in all matters relating to economical green energy.

Once again, we would like to thank all our speakers who worked hard to make the event a complete success!


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