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The latest technology for the Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8°

Energy supply with almost zero CO2 emissions

Seen from a distance, it could be a ship or a cloud: In 2009, the 125- meter-long and almost 30-meter-high Klimahaus opened. The curved  building offers a fascinating world of experiences on climate and climate change. With this unique concept, the Klimahaus® places unusually high demands on the entire building architecture.

Customer benefits

Energy supply with almost zero CO2 emissions
Generating extreme climatic differences for exhibitions
Energy-efficient plant technology

Our services

  • Construction of the entire air conditioning system: 24 air conditioning systems, 10 smoke removal systems, 6 Exhaust air systems and 31 recirculating air cooling units
  • Creating extreme climate differences with air conditioning for the exhibitions
  • Use of highly energy-efficient air conditioning units - e.g. cooling by means of DEC technology. It uses the evaporative cooling without additional refrigerants.
  • Floor cooling in summer, cooling with thermal component activation in the areas of elements, perspectives and offices andgeothermal cooling using energy piles

Roland Maag
Head of Business Unit Building Technologies