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GSK: "Energy Saving" in the pharmaceutical industry

Energy savings at GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals Dresden

In 2008, GSK Biologicals commissioned two newly built buildings at the Dresden site to expand vaccine production. After almost 4 years of operation, ENGIE Deutschland, as a partner for GSK Biologicals, started the project "Energy Saving" in July 2011 to reduce operating costs and optimize the supply systems.

Energy cost savings
Optimized system technology
Implementation of the measures by ENGIE up to phase 6 of the HOAI

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For the "Energy Saving" project , the central refrigeration and compressed air systems in the technical center of the new building were gradually converted during the maintenance period. In the run-up to this implementation, ENGIE Deutschland carried out energetic tests on the building services equipment in a detailed analysis in 2010. From the conversion measures proposed therein, selected individual positions were converted in advance in an initial construction phase. Due to the overall technical scope and in order to achieve a higher technical-commercial planning security, ENGIE Deutschland was commissioned in early 2011 to plan the measures up to the performance phase 6 in compliance with HOAI.

Mathias Jessen
Head of Business Unit Building Technologies

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