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Automotive supplier BOS saves energy with ENGIE

BOS reduces energy consumption in heating, ventilation and air conditioning by 55 %

BOS develops and manufactures innovative mechatronics, kinematics  and plastic systems for automobiles  that set standards in comfort, safety, lightweight construction and energy efficiency. At the Scharnhausen site, ENGIE has reduced the energy consumption of the BOS headquarters by more than half by implementing  various efficiency measures. 

The main focus of the conversion measures was the renewal of control technology. As a result, the energy consumption was reduced and the comfort for the users was improved. Frequency converters in supply and exhaust air fans as well as variable volume flow regulators enable demand-based control of different zones in the building.

Customer benefits

105,000 euros energy savings per year and savings of 240 t/CO2 per year
Short payback period of approx. 4 years
Implementation of the efficiency project with all necessary services from a single source

Our services

  • Identifying energy saving potential and implementing measures
  • Demand-based control of the ventilation system in all zones of the building 
  • Use of efficient heating pumps
  • Precise adjustment of valves in the heating and cooling circuit
  • Monitoring of energy consumption and technical support of the converted plants
  • Lighting renovation on LED technology

Daniel Münch
Head of Sales Energy Solutions
Stuttgart branch