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Media University stands in the energy saving spotlight

University reduces energy bill by a quarter of a million euros per year and reduces CO2 emissions by 33 %

The University of the Media is a state university of applied sciences that has been training specialists in all aspects of media since 2001. At the Stuttgart research campus in Vaihingen, it offers around 30 accredited bachelor and master's degree programs for almost 5,000 students. In order to renovate the main building from the 1970s and the extension building from the 1990s, ENGIE Deutschland was brought in in 2016.

Customer benefits

CO2 emissions reduced by 33 %
High energy cost savings
Identification of savings potential, implementation and monitoring from a single source

Our services

  • Identifying energy saving potentials
  • Dismantling the existing ventilation systems
  • Design and installation of two highly efficient air conditioning units (a total of 75,000 m³/h)
  • Installation of a district heating and cooling transfer station
  • Renewal of control technology and enclosures
  • Energetic optimization of the control strategy
  • Pump replacement with high-efficiency speed-controlled pumps
  • Installation of modern LED lighting 
  • Construction of the building management system and an energy monitoring system

The biggest challenges were:

  •  the considerable time pressure, the main remodeling measures had to be implemented in a very short time window and all trades had the same completion date,
  • and the difficulty of accessing the technology center.  The installation and removal of the large components was only possible via an inner courtyard surrounded by buildings. A mobile crane was used here.

Daniel Münch
Head of Sales Energy Solutions
Stuttgart branch

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