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Pilot project "Savings meters" at the Esslingen hospital

Energy monitoring system Entectiv in use

Founded in 1859, the Klinikum Esslingen with its 12 specialist centers is characterized above all by a constantly growing building structure and use. The aim of the pilot project "Savings meters" was to measure the energy consumption of a total of 19 buildings. With the help of the energy monitoring system "Entectiv" developed by ENGIE, savings potentials can be identified and optimization measures can be derived.

Customer benefits

Lower energy costs
Funding for the pilot project by BAFA
Meter values neatly displayed at a glance

Our services

  • Analysis and benchmarking of energy consumption data in the hospital environment and plausibility check of the existing meters
  • Derive energy saving measures from the consumption data, such as demand-based system control
  • Meter data for balancing were read into the newly implemented energy monitoring tool Entectiv and archived
  • Monitoring and verification of savings: Visualization of the recorded meter values as daily, weekly, monthly or annual consumption in automatic energy reports

Daniel Münch
Head of Sales Energy Solutions
Stuttgart branch

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