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ENGIE Deutschland supplies 17 building units with heat

Heat supply in front of Ziegler Anstalten in Horgenzell

The Zieglerschen  ( formerly Zieglersche Anstalten) is a diaconal enterprise that operates an extensive network of diaconic services  in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The institutions work in the  areas of: old- age assistance, disability assistance,  addiction treatment, help with speech problems, youth assistance and work integration.

At the Horgenzell site in Baden-Wuerttemberg ENGIE supplies 17  building units with heat for central heating and hot water. 

Customer benefits

24h service
Maintenance and servicing by ENGIE
Data remote monitoring by ENGIE

Key figures

  • Two heating centers
  • Boiler (pellets): 600 kW
  • Boiler (oil): 1,300 kW

Jochen Manger
Key Account Manager Real Estate

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