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ENGIE automates John Cranko School in Stuttgart

ENGIE takes over building automation for energy-efficient operation of complex plant technology

The John Cranko Ballet School, founded in 1971 by John Cranko, sets architectural and technical standards with its new building. In terms of construction, the focus is on eight ballet studios, a large rehearsal stage and the boarding area with kitchen and canteen. At the heart of the building technology is a heat pump with five different heat sources and heat sinks, including a 1000 m³ seasonal ice storage tank. ENGIE plays the key role in the energy-efficient operation of the complex plant technology with the building automation system.

Customer benefits

Know-how of building automation and energy efficiency from a single source
Sustainable and energy-efficient heating and cooling

Our services

  • Energy-efficient combination of heating and cooling generation via heat pump and seasonal ice storage
  • Heating and cooling of many areas via concrete core activation: Heat and cold are  distributed in many areas, taking into account weather forecast data
  • Generation of heat and cold via six operating modes of the heat pump in conjunction with a district heating connection.  Priority is given to the extraction of heat from the ice storage in winter, so that the resulting ice can be used to cool the building in summer.
  • Modern BACnet-based management and operating device

Daniel Münch
Head of Sales Energy Solutions
Stuttgart branch

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