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Energy-saving contracting for the University Hospital in Tübingen

Energy savings between 15 and 40 %

The University Hospital in Tübingen (UKT) comprises 17 clinics with over 1,500 beds as well as numerous institutes and research institutions and is one of the leading centers of German higher education medicine. In 2007, the UKT concluded the first energy saving contracting agreement (ESC) with ENGIE  Deutschland. Since then, 9 energy saving contracts have been successfully concluded. Further detailed analyses and ESC contracts are currently being processed or are in preparation.

Customer benefits

Energy cost savings of 15 - 40 % depending on the building
Analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring all from a single source
Implementation of the measures in the current hospital and laboratory operation

Our services

  • Ascertaining the actual state
  • Elaboration of the energy cost savings and the necessary investments within the framework of the detailed analysis
  • Planning and implementation of the measures in the current hospital and laboratory operation, this includes, among others:
    • Realisation of an occupation-dependent ventilation operation in laboratory areas with presence keys and release command in various buildings
    • Installation of waste heat utilisation at the compressed air generation. 
    • Retrofitting of motion and presence detectors for lighting control in office and laboratory corridors (microbiology + virology)
    • Retrofitting of a combined circuit system as heat recovery at air conditioning systems (pediatricclinic)
    • Conversion from central to decentralized air vapor humidification (pediatricclinic)
  • Supervision of plants and monitoring of energy consumption during the contract period

Daniel Münch
Head of Sales Energy Solutions
Stuttgart branch

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