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Energy saving contracting for the Material Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart

University of Stuttgart saves energy with ENGIE Deutschland

The Material Testing Institute (MPA) of the University of Stuttgart conducts research and development work in the field of material and component testing, material development as well as in the field of component safety and design. Thanks to its close cooperation with industry, MPA is a competent partner for the economy as a technical service provider. Further tasks of the MPA are the cooperation in education and the execution of experimental work for university institutes.

In 2010, the University of Stuttgart concluded an energy-saving contracting contract with ENGIE Deutschland for seven years. As part of this contract, ENGIE Deutschland invested around €1.2 million in the modernization of the MPA facilities with the aim of reducing energy costs by around 235,000 euros per year.


Customer benefits

Major energy cost savings
No direct investment required
Analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring from a single source

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In order to achieve the savings targets, the switchgear and control technology were completely refurbished in 15 technical centers and all pneumatic drives were replaced by electric ones. A new BACnet-enabled building management system was installed, which was hooked up to the central control room of the university.

Frequency converters have been installed on 18 air conditioning systems for demand-driven control of air volumes. The heating and cooling water pumps were also equipped with frequency converters. Free cooling has been installed for the cooling water circuits; in the colder season, the cooling energy required for process cooling is thus obtained free of charge from the surroundings. In the high-rise building, 532 radiator valves were replaced. The installation of reference room sensors also enables demand-dependent heating circuit control.

Andreas Böllinger
Technical manager

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