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Energy saving contracting for the LMU Munich geological center

Saving energy without investing

The Faculty of Geosciences of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München is housed in the Geology Center with the subjects Geography, Geology and Palaeontology and Geobiology. In addition to the university areas, the buildings also include the Bavarian State Collection of Palaeontology and Geology, the Paleontological Museum and the Geological Museum.

As part of an energy saving contracting agreement, ENGIE Deutschland has saved 38. 5% of  the original energy costs over a seven-year period – every year. For this, ENGIE Deutschland invested around 320,000 euros as contractor in the optimization of energy systems. For Bavaria, this means contractually guaranteed energy savings without investing.

Significant energy savings while maintaining comfort conditions
Saving energy without investing
Planning, implementation and monitoring from a single source

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In order to achieve the energy savings, ENGIE Deutschland installed a 50 kWel CHP plant and a buffer cylinder with a capacity of 15 m³.  In addition, the heating system was optimized and hydraulically balanced, and the insulation of the heating lines was improved. In addition, central water heating and circulation were shut down and decentralized electric instantaneous water heaters were installed instead. For heating the seminar rooms, a single room control was installed. Finally, the combined heat and power station and the local room control unit were integrated into the existing building management system via BACnet.

Steffen Haller
Head of Energy Solutions South Region

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