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Energetically on the ball

Gutmann Aluminiumdraht saves energy with ENGIE

Gutmann Aluminiumdraht is one of the leading German suppliers of drawn wires and rods made of aluminium. Environmental responsibility, sustainability and an ecologically and socially compatible approach to business are of particular  importance in the company. ENGIE supports Gutmann in  the implementation of the environmental objectives with an energetic  optimization of the ventilation and cooling water systems.

Customer benefits

Implementation of environmental objectives through energy optimization
Savings guaranteed by ENGIE
Planning and implementation from a single source

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The focus of the structural and  control measures was on the ventilation and cooling water systems for production, which  went into operation only in 2014.  This has improved the utilization of waste heat in the  ventilation system and reduced fan power consumption by  over 60 %. The power consumption  of pumps and cooling towers was also nearly halved:

  • Energy-efficient control of the ventilation  and cooling water system
  • Retrofitting of bypass valves for  regenerative heat recovery
  • Conversion of the exhaust air duct system
  • Adjustment of vsupply and exhaust air duct network
  • Hydraulic optimization of the cooling water network

Steffen Haller
Head of the Energy Efficiency division

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