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Efficient and environmentally friendly cooling supply with services from a single source

Refrigeration contracting for the shopping center "Höfe am Brühl"

Refrigeration contracting is becoming a trend: The mfi management für immobilien AG also relied on this concept for the new construction of the Leipzig shopping center ‘Höfe am Brühl’ and has commissioned ENGIE Deutschland to supply the building with cooling with around 120  businesses as part of an energy contracting. 

Customer benefits

Maximum energy efficiency through binding COP values of the refrigeration system used
Planning, construction, installation and operation from a single source
24h service and remote data monitoring with AXI.COS

Our services

We have taken over the planning, construction and installation of 5.9 megawatts (MW) of refrigeration capacity and have been responsible for the smooth operation and maintenance of all refrigeration components since the opening of the shopping center. The contract, which also includes the supply of water for recooling, has a term of 15 years and assures the shopping center binding "Coefficient of Performance" values (COP) for the refrigeration system used and thus the highest energy efficiency.

Uwe Hess
Senior Sales Manager Real Estate