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Zero Carbon Transition as a Service – innovative paths to climate neutrality

06 January 2020

The active protection of the climate is no longer just a political issue, but has now reached the center of society. "Decarbonization" as a way into an emission-free energy world does not only take place in large power plants. To achieve the goals of the energy transition, new thinking and innovative solutions are required directly on site - in your city, your property or your building. Numerous cities, municipalities and companies are already pushing the issue of sustainability to accelerate the exit from the fossil energy world towards a CO2-neutral future. With "Zero Carbon Transition as a Service", we bundle the energy and service expertise of the ENGIE Group and provide our customers with tailored support on their way to climate neutrality.

Integrated solutions for the local energy transition

There are countless approaches and options for implementation for climate protection and energy efficiency on the ground. However, an often high level of complexity in the integration of various aspects requires holistic and networked thinking in order to be able to implement future-oriented ideas. With "Zero Carbon Transition as a Service" we want to transform complex projects for an active energy transition into simple, tailored service packages for our customers. Today, ENGIE combines a comprehensive range of services into integrated and attractive local value-added solutions – from financing to construction and management and optimization of plants and buildings.

No compromises in the transition to climate neutrality

"Zero Carbon Transition as a Service" by ENGIE stands for individually tailored customer solutions in the transition to climate neutrality, without having to make compromises in productivity, comfort or costs. Together we work on your personal development goals for a climate-friendly future and accompany you in the conception, financing and implementation of your sustainability strategy.

Zero Carbon - the ENGIE magazine for climate neutrality

Our vision: Climate-neutral living, working and doing business becomes a reality with us. Read here about services and technologies that make the transition to climate neutrality possible. And join us on the road to a clean future. Every step towards more energy efficiency and less CO2 is important on this journey!

We hope you enjoy reading! Your ENGIE editorial team

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