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Photovoltaics and carport – a sustainable power combination

13 April 2021

Electromobility continues to gain momentum in Germany. Figures from the Federal Office of Motor Vehicles show: Around 13.5 percent of all newly registered vehicles in Germany use electric propulsion – and the number is rising. However, in order to cover the need for appropriate charging options in the future, the expansion of the charging infrastructure is essential. Open spaces and parking spaces of industry and commerce offer enormous potential to create new charging points – the combination of photovoltaic and carport is particularly interesting in this context.

Photovoltaics meets Carport – innovative solar technology for industry

Many company parking spaces as well as storage or production facilities offer ideal conditions for installing a photovoltaic system. Large roof surfaces offer many advantages:

  • CO2-neutral power generation on your own company premises is not only important for the environment, but also for your own corporate image.
  • Electricity generated on site is cleaner than electricity from the grid, and cheaper to boot.
  • Surplus electricity that is not consumed on site can be fed into the grid with compensation.

Especially in combination with electric vehicles, such as e-cars or pedelecs, a solar power system is a sensible investment for companies. This is because, in conjunction with appropriate charging stations, e-vehicles of customers and employees can be green-fueled directly on site with the electricity generated via the PV system. In this way, employees, customers, etc. benefit in an even more conscious way from the electricity produced on site. PV systems are still mainly installed on roofs of buildings. However, the potential of solar installations in industry and commerce is far from being exhausted. If a company has uncovered parking spaces, the solar radiation can be used efficiently with a photovoltaic carport. The special advantage: In a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building, its orientation and inclination determine to what extent the solar radiation can be used. A photovoltaic carport, on the other hand, can generally be designed in such a way that maximum yields are possible in terms of solar energy. Compared to an employee garage, by the way, a carport has another convincing advantage: In most federal states, carports have fewer requirements and are therefore much easier to get approved.

Building solar carports: here's the key

Commercial operators who are planning a photovoltaic carport need to take into account some aspects:

  • In order to maximize the use of solar radiation, the location of the photovoltaic carport must be chosen carefully. For example, if there are trees nearby that cast high shadows, this can significantly affect the performance of the solar installation.
  • If an existing carport is to be equipped with a photovoltaic system, the roof must of course be able to carry the necessary load.
  • Possible cable routes for connecting the system to the network should also be considered from the outset.

The planning is therefore complex, and it is also important to take numerous details into account when registering. Companies that cooperate with a service provider are making a good decision in order to clear possible hurdles and to benefit in the best possible way from their photovoltaic carport.

ESG criteria: Showing attitude with solar power

Awareness of the need to conserve energy resources is more important than ever for industry and commerce. Aspects such as sustainability, environmental protection and social commitment are becoming increasingly important for more and more people when choosing and evaluating companies. Sustainable management is demanded by end consumers and thus also represents a purchasing argument. Not only is there growing social and political pressure for greater sustainability, but major investors are also increasingly focusing on the ESG criteria: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.

With a photovoltaic carport, companies improve their own CO2 balance sheet – and in a way that is visible to customers and employees. A photovoltaic carport fulfills part of the ESG criteria.

Attractive solutions for photovoltaic carports

A photovoltaic carport is economical and contributes to climate protection as well as to image enhancement. In addition, empty spaces or existing parking spaces are cleverly used with this type of solar installation. If you would like to install a photovoltaic carport, our subsidiary SOLARIMO will be happy to support you from planning and financing the system, through construction and operation, to professional maintenance. With ENGIE Deutschland, you also have a reliable partner company at your side that gives you long-term security. In this way, you benefit from a climate strategy that combines sustainable management with economic advantages in the best possible way.

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Anja Burde is Head of Customer Management and authorized signatory at ENGIE Germany. As a long-standing expert in energy supplies, she has also been Managing Director of SOLARIMO since 2022.

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