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ENGIE Germany successful in wind auction: Winning bid for 17.1 megawatts of onshore wind

26 October 2022
  • At the September wind auction of the Federal Network Agency, ENGIE was awarded 17.1 megawatts of onshore wind for the Querstedt-Badingen wind farm
  • Two further repowering projects in Karstädt and Lövenich with a total of 50 megawatts of onshore wind are already being implemented
  • With the dismantling of the total of 35 existing turbines in the three projects and their replacement with twelve highly efficient wind turbines, electricity generation will be quadrupled

Berlin – ENGIE Deutschland has been awarded a contract in the September tender of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) for onshore wind turbines for 17.1 megawatts. The bid relates to the repowering project in Querstedt-Badingen in Saxony-Anhalt. The permit under the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) was issued in July 2022. In the course of the repowering project, ENGIE will replace eleven of the existing turbines with three new wind turbines. These will produce four times as much electricity as the eleven turbines being dismantled. ENGIE will start the first preparatory construction measures in the summer of 2023. The new turbines are scheduled to go into operation as early as 2024.


ENGIE shows power in repowering projects

Ralf Schürkamp, Managing Director ENGIE Deutschland Erneuerbare GmbH, says: "We are pleased that we can start our third repowering project with the award of the Federal Network Agency. Further developing our existing plants is an important pillar for the implementation of our ambitious expansion targets for renewable energies in Germany. At the same time, this will enable us to significantly increase electricity production. In addition, we are developing new wind farms and have a project pipeline of 300 megawatts for photovoltaics." ENGIE is currently implementing two more repowering projects: In the community of Karstädt, about 150 kilometers northwest of Berlin, the team has dismantled 20 old turbines with a total capacity of 26 megawatts by August 2022, and preparations are underway for the construction of seven new turbines with 43.4 megawatts. At the Lövenich/Linnich site in North Rhine-Westphalia, also by August 2022, four old plants with a total output of 1.3 megawatts each, which will subsequently be replaced by two plants with five megawatts each.


Clear focus on the transition to climate neutrality

ENGIE Deutschland operates 14 wind farms in Germany, develops wind and photovoltaic projects - also in cooperation with partners - and has a direct marketing portfolio of 3.5 gigawatts in this country. The globally active ENGIE Group, of which ENGIE Germany is a part, pursues the mission of actively driving the energy transition and accelerating development in the field of renewable energies. Currently, the Group has an installed renewable energy capacity of 36 gigawatts worldwide. The Group was globally commissioning in average 3 gigawatts of additional renewable capacities per year from 2019 to 2021, and raised up to 4 gigawatts in average of additional renewable capacities per year from 2022. This acceleration in renewable energy is part of ENGIE Group's  role as a global leader in the transition to climate neutrality.


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