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Hotel cooperation launches "Ringhotels Network Energy " - ENGIE is network sponsor

03 February 2023

Ringhotels e.V. is launching an internal "Network Energy" that is specifically tailored to the needs of its members and revolves around the topics of energy efficiency, energy procurement and sustainability. The network's sponsor is the energy company ENGIE. The network was founded under the umbrella of the German government's "Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Networks Initiative", which is supported by the German Hotel Association (IHA), among others.

"Energy efficiency, climate protection and sustainability are topics whose importance will continue to increase in the future. Of course, our Ringhoteliers have also understood this for a long time and have already been working for years - depending on their possibilities - on the constant optimization of the energy requirements of their hotels," says Susanne Weiss, managing director of Ringhotels. "With our 'Ringhotels Network Energy', we are creating a platform where knowledge, expertise and guidance for implementing suitable measures are bundled and made available to the participating Ringhotels."

"We are referring to the joint energy efficiency and climate protection initiative of the German Hotel Association (IHA) and ENGIE, which started in March 2022. We are particularly pleased to be the first hotel cooperation to implement such a network within the cooperation," adds Petra Weindl, Managing Director of Ringhotels.

"We have been working for many years as a service provider for the hotel industry at the interface of buildings, energy and mobility. Our experience shows that there are many levers in hotels to reduce energy consumption and increase self-sufficiency in energy supply. And I am convinced that many good ideas will also come from the exchange among network members," says Christian Rode, Key Account Manager at ENGIE Deutschland.

ENGIE Deutschland has been managing a very successful energy efficiency network for energy-intensive companies for several years. The company's experts are also active as energy technology consultants for other networks.

The "Ringhotels Netzwerk Energie" is designed to run for two years. Ringhotels from all over Germany participate in this network. Moderation and energy consulting are provided by ENGIE and an independent, certified energy consultant. Among other things, this involves:

  • the development of sustainable approaches to energy efficiency and climate protection,
  • the reduction of CO2 emissions,
  • the reduction of costs through the implementation of economic measures,
  • an energy-technical consultation (tailored to the respective ring hotel),
  • an overview of possible federal and/or state subsidies, and
  • last, but not least - the exchange with like-minded people.


In addition, the aim is to define individually tailored measures and savings targets for each participating Ringhotel. The first appointments for energy consulting in the hotels have already been made. The first network meeting with all participants and ENGIE Deutschland is planned for early March.

In addition, a concrete target is being set for the "Ringhotels Netzwerk Energie", which will help to achieve the national energy efficiency target for 2025. Germany-wide, nine to eleven terrawatt hours of final energy or five to six million tons of greenhouse gas emissions are to be saved by then, in addition to the establishment of 300 to 350 new networks.


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