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It's time for real climate neutrality – for "The Real Zero".

Zero carbon is complex. And yet 5 steps suffice.

The path to true climate neutrality is possible if you go with a partner. Because real climate neutrality needs real competence. With a "real zero" strategy that goes beyond simple efficiency measures and compensation, companies can reliably achieve their business goal. So reliable that providers like ENGIE guarantee it.

A credible climate neutrality strategy that holds up in front of an increasingly critical public and growing environmental awareness among investors cannot be achieved through financial compensation alone. Anyone who wants to make a lasting impression across the board and is really serious about climate protection must take a path that is more costly but much more sustainable: the path to Real Zero, to a real, physical reduction in one's own CO2 emissions.

Learn more about what constitutes true carbon neutrality and the five steps you should take in ENGIE's latest CEO Update.

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More about the Real Zero master plan in our white paper.
Learn more about the 5 steps to true climate neutrality.

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