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Your application - here’s how it works!

Here you will find information about our application process.

Benefits of applying online:

You protect the environment, ensure that your application is processed quickly by us and save time, paper and postage.


Your application - here’s how it works:

  • Prepare your application in electronic form in advance so that you can post the individual application documents preferably in PDF format in our online job portal (max. size per file: 2 MB/max. total size: 15 MB). For additional approved formats, please refer to the respective online application form.
  • You only need about 5-10 minutes to apply online. You can correct your entries at any time and print them out before sending them.
  • As soon as your application has been received in our system, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. After the initial screening and review by the responsible applicant manager (m/f), your documents will be forwarded to the relevant department. After feedback from the department, we will contact you again.


This must not be missing from your application for a specific job

  • Compelling, personal  cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae  - Describe the most important milestones in bullet points by detailing the content of your activities.
  • Copies of certificates and qualifications  (if still in training: preliminary overview of grades)


What we still would like to know about you

  • How did you become aware of us?
  • What is your special interest in our company and the area of responsibility?
  • What are your professional and personal strengths?
  • What salary expectations do you have for the selected position?
  • What is your current employment status or your notice period?

More ENGIE Tips

Tip 1: 

When writing your application, it's good to steer clear of generic phrases. After all, you want to make a difference. And the best way to do that is to explain why exactly you are such a good fit for the advertised position and what makes you stand out.

Tip 2: 

Have someone who knows you well and to whom you are close proofread your application again. In this way, you may receive one or two good tips and avoid spelling mistakes.

Tip 3: 

Whether it's the first telephone contact or a job interview, everything is fine the way you are. Whether it's the first telephone contact or a job interview, everything is fine the way you are. So please be careful not to pretend. The more authentic you stay, the more likable you look and the more relaxed our meeting will be.

Tip 4: 

Overdressed? No need for that. ENGIE is a large and down-to-earth company. We value smart clothing - you are always well advised to wear "business casual". If you personally value a dark suit, tie or formal attire, you are of course welcome to wear this to the interview.

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