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The freedom to use your know-how with responsibility.

Don't you think that bearing responsibility is one of the most exciting challenges in your professional life? And it's something that you can do so much with. Of course, responsibility also has to do with commitment – with caution and a clear head. But when you're aware of all this, it is the key to sustainable success.

If you want to lead with responsibility and be a role model, develop and implement concepts and processes responsibly, we are pleased to offer you an impressive variety of opportunities. In addition, you can actively shape a market that is important for society with ENGIE.

Stay as you are. It's perfect if you're like that:

We seek personalities who want to share their experience and constantly increase their knowledge. It would be ideal if you also have the following skills:

  • applied technical expertise
  • Ability to analyze and make judgments
  • self-reliance and personal initiative
  • target and result orientation
  • commitment and responsibility
  • customer and service oriented
  • business thinking and action
  • communication and cooperation skills
  • problem-solving and organizational skills
  • ability to criticize and deal with conflict


Are you already firmly established in your professional life and can demonstrate some experience? Are you interested in your next career step?

If you are looking for a new challenge, please take a look at the tasks for which your expertise is suitable at ENGIE Germany.

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Nurture people with joy and fairness.

At ENGIE Germany, employee management is a demanding task for leaders who would also like to act as role models.

You will be prepared for this demanding task in leadership training, mentoring and support programs, and other activities.

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Take advantage of the momentum behind our brand.

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Take advantage of the momentum behind our brand.

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